Hi, I'm Alan.

I'm currently a Lead Engineer at Zendesk, after recently leaving my position at Enova. Most of my recent contributions are either work product or behind the VPN anyway. You can see some of my recent side projects on Github or continue for some of my older work.

From 2008-2010, I ran the web department at the Center for Inquiry. I've done most of my recent work as a Django developer with Manifest Digital (opinions expressed by me here or elsewhere on the interent, blah blah blah, do not necessarily represent my past or present employers, clients, etc.).

Anyway, I make sharp, minimalistic web apps with Django and jQuery. I like standards-compliant layouts and unobtrusive javascript. I write tests, never commit directly to the master branch, and refuse to call eval() without a second opinion. At the left you'll see some of my recent projects.