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Archive of issues. Enhanced with jQuery-flavored AJAX.

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Article Index. Articles are sorted by date or issue. Clickable issue numbers are included. Summaries are displayed, as well as thumbnailed images, where available.

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Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Over the course of about six months from late 2008 to mid 2009, I rebuilt the static HTML site (see the original site here) in modern, standards-compliant HTML.

The original site was not interacting with a database in any way, and was only streamlined by Apache includes of the header and footer. It consisted of several 'subsites', which were stylistically unrelated to the site as a whole (The Klass Files, for example).

Rebuilding the site required sanitizing hundreds of individual HTML pages crafted with wildly varying degrees of skill, and entering them into a database. Once the site was rebuilt in ExpressionEngine, the various articles and pages could be neatly indexed by sensible criteria.

Rather than writing HTML and uploading to a server by FTP, articles are now entered into a simple admin interface suitable for non-technical users.

It is now possible to view articles by issue, author, column, or publication. Modern SEO techniques and valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional make the site highly visible to Google et al. which has been reflected by analytics.